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Conservative Politics


I come at this from the perspective of a small business owner who over the years has had to overcome constant government-based barriers and impediments. Whether these are the result of bureaucratic ignorance or ill intentions does not matter. From confiscatory taxation, to unnecessary red tape, big unresponsive, disconnected and even antagonistic government has created headwinds to many small business owners that have drained and even destroyed them. As a true believer in the risk/reward marketplace, and the big dream/reach for the stars potential of every individual, I have seen far too many situations where someone has had a dream, and developed their businesses only to be smothered, and destroyed by big government.


I believe that one’s politics comes down to a choice-either you believe that priority one in society is individual freedom-or- you believe that the state should have control over its population. The former requires maximum individual freedom and minimal government (coincidentally the basic tenets of the US Constitution). The latter requires that you abdicate whatever degree of personal freedom and wealth the government demands-basically, the more government the better.


So the question becomes, how much government does a free society really require? Personally I believe you could cut its current size in half at all levels at a minimum and not much would be missed. Besides the personal monetary and freedom savings society would be way ahead in terms of great creations, and new products/services that enhance mankind. The economy would prosper as well.

If this previous point were shown in a chart, individualism (with limited government), versus statism would look like this:



                         Statism__________________________________________________   Individual Freedom

                         Nazism                                                             Limited Government



Acoustic Music
As a teenager many years ago, I played as a part of a duet on the Grand Ole Opry. Back then I became hooked on the honest, soul-tugging organic sounds that only acoustic music is able to deliver. And as well as the music itself, I became drawn to the people of Nashville. A young man can be very impressionable, and back then when a big star like Earl Scruggs gives you a gratis lesson, it stays with you forever. So while I reside in the north, I still visit that beautiful city, and work with friends there when possible. Those impressions gained as a teen have stuck for a lifetime.

In writing songs for Acoustic Conservative, I have been surprised at how easily and quickly the lyrics have flowed. Normally songwriting takes a lot longer and I attribute this to my personal belief system built over decades; together with the experience of having written hundreds of “regular” songs prior to the Acoustic Conservative program.

Most of the songs by the Acoustic Conservative are original. There are exceptions, but since the subjects of the day require originality in thought, most have been created from scratch.

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